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Our Mission

Unlike large corporations that offer expensive, exploitative courses, through Ace the UCAT we intend to help all students to achieve amazing UCAT scores, regardless of their background.

This is why we have set an extremely affordable price for the Ace the UCAT Course e-book, and offer full bursaries to anyone who has received free school meals, universal credit or another bursary at any point in their lives.

Why I Started Ace the UCAT

Like many medicine applicants, when preparing for the UCAT I was overwhelmed by the number of courses that were on offer. Having been on one of these courses, which I did find useful, I concluded that it was not anywhere near worth the high, exploitative price.

Over the next month, I scoured the internet for strategies and techniques to approach the UCAT, and through experimentation and practice, I was able to identify the best ones and developed some of my own.

Fortunately my UCAT score was high enough to help me receive interviews from both UCAT universities that I applied to. Now that I'm studying medicine at the University of Leeds, I've created my own online UCAT course to help future cohorts of medicine and dentistry applicants.


Click here to view the Ace the UCAT Course e-book.

Good luck,

Sanjush Dalmia.




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