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Free A-Level Biology and Chemistry Anki Flashcards

From a medical student who scored 835 Band 1, the Ace the UCAT Course e-book 2024 is now available for only £9.99. 

Click here for Biology flashcards.

Click here for Chemistry flashcards.

I made these for AQA A-Level Biology (7402) and AQA A-Level Chemistry (7405).

The flashcards cover year 2 of the courses very thoroughly, but there is slightly less detail on some year 1 topics.

Biology is divided into AS, A2 and Exam Technique.

Chemistry is divided into Physical, Inorganic, Organic and Exam Technique.

This is similar to the way topics are divided between the exams.


Anki uses active recall and spaced repetition to help you learn content more quickly, effectively and efficiently.

These concepts are best explained by Ali Abdaal in these videos:


This Youtube playlist by Med School Insiders does well to explain how to use Anki.

To open the flashcards:

1) Download Anki to a desktop or laptop.

2) Download the flashcards to the same device.

3) Open Anki.

4) Go to File -> Import .

5) Select the downloaded flashcard apkg packages.

I recommend setting "New cards/day" to 20 for each subdeck.

Please email if you have any further questions on how to use this Anki deck.

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