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Do you need a UCAT course to do well on the UCAT?

No. Some people get great scores without going on a UCAT course, and a few people even get great scores without any practice whatsoever.


However, we believe that to maximise your UCAT score and to give you the best possible chance to get into medicine or dentistry, you need some kind of guidance from people who have taken the test previously, and you certainly need plenty of practice.

The advantage of a UCAT course is that you can get all of the tried and tested guidance, all of the tips and strategies in one go, at the start of your UCAT preparation, instead of slowly discovering some through practice, and never discovering some of the others.

Why Choose Ace the UCAT?: About

There are so many UCAT course providers, what's so special about Ace the UCAT?

The first version of the Ace the UCAT Course e-book was developed in June 2019 and went on sale in July 2019. 

At the time, we were the only online UCAT e-book provider that we were aware of.

Since then, many UCAT e-books have appeared on the market (especially with in-person courses cancelled due to the pandemic in 2020), but we're still convinced that ours is the best one.

The Ace the UCAT course e-book was made with an understanding of the medicine applicant experience.

It is affordable, up-to-date and aims to make every second of your UCAT practice go further.

Our course provides you with the most effective strategies and makes your practice as efficient as possible in order to get you the highest score in the smallest amount of time.

The Ace the UCAT Course:

1) is affordable

2) makes your preparation not only more effective, but also more efficient, requiring you to put in less time to get the same results

3) is an e-book, allowing you to go through it at your own pace, rather than being rushed or slowed down by a course instructor

4) is detailed, yet explained in a concise manner in order to save you time

5) contains unique strategies and approaches that you won't find with other course providers

6) takes a holistic approach to the UCAT, considering every aspect of it to help you get your best score.

When making the Ace the UCAT course e-book, there were some things that I kept at the forefront of my mind:

1) Preparing for the UCAT is very, very boring, and was possibly the 17 most boring days of my life.

With that in mind, the Ace the UCAT e-book not only focuses on making your practice more time-efficient and effective, but also discusses strategies to make UCAT preparation less mind-numbingly boring, to help you to get more practice in before the big day.

2) Many UCAT course providers are large corporations that offer expensive, exploitative UCAT courses.

The reason medicine and dentistry applicants continue to go on these courses, (the way I did), is that we really, really want to get into medicine, and the high prices create an illusion of high quality. A few hundred pounds seem worth every penny when you think that it will get you into medical school. But the fact is that a course being more expensive does not make it better, and the same, or even better information, can easily be provided at a much lower price.


3) Many UCAT courses are in-person with a UCAT instructor, which course providers use to justify high prices.

If other courses are anything like the one I went on, the course is centred around a huge book that the UCAT instructor takes you through. Going through a book is something you can do yourself at home more effectively, as you can go through it as quickly or as slowly as you like. The huge UCAT course books also seem to give long-winded, repetitive explanations to make the book longer so that it seems like you're getting more for your money. You'll find that this is not the case with the Ace the UCAT course e-book.

4) Many UCAT course providers have been giving students the same advice for years.

In the Ace the UCAT course e-book, while you will find some conventional UCAT strategies, you will also find unique approaches not commonly considered by medicine and dentistry applicants, that cover every aspect of taking the test to maximise your UCAT score.


To view the Ace the UCAT course e-book, click here.

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